Landscape Galleries

Landscape images from my travels

Landscape photography can be highly subjective. After all, what is a landscape? In a literal sense, a landscape photograph is a faithful representation of a scene, a postcard view of the world.
In another sense, a landscape can be a glimpse into the artist’s own world, into areas of personal significance, or even an intimate look at the microcosms all around us, the foundations of our world. The images in these galleries are more literal in nature, though certainly subject to my own personality and interpretation. In other galleries you'll find some of my other "landscapes".

I’ve organized these galleries generally by state or region. Except for National Parks, they get their own section.
So below you’ll find links to galleries of images made in my home state of Washington or a link to galleries of Oregon images. Clicking on these links will take you to pages where you can access the individual galleries.
Also below you’ll find direct links to certain galleries like Vermont, Iceland, and South America (and more to come).