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October 2012 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Sorry that this issue is so late. But I've got a good excuse. I've been preparing our decks for staining. That means lots of sanding. To impress you I could say that I sanded it all by hand. But on second thought, you probably wouldn't be all that impressed that I did something so stupid. No, I rented a machine that did most of the work and then finished things off with my belt sander and random orbital sander. Still a lot of hard work. So there's that for impressive.
I did manage to do something extremely stupid though. But you'll have to come on a workshop to hear that story.
Anyway, I've been doing that as well as getting things lined up for next year's workshops.
Chado theme for WordPress
If you're using WordPress to feature your photography or your writing, there's a new WordPress theme just for you. Matthew Campagna of the The Turning Gate (he of the fantastic Lightroom web plug-ins) has created a "Responsive, retina-ready, photo-friendly theme for WordPress," that should appeal to anyone who wants their work to look its best.
Matt's incorporated several gallery design choices, all of which have support for the new Apple Retina displays. And Chado comes with several "child themes" so that if you're running more than one blog, you can incorporate different looks (which is what I plan on using it for).
And if you've got your own graphic logo, you can add up to six optimized versions of your masthead logo for standard and Retina resolution displays. This means that no matter what device your readers or viewers are using, your logo, and your images, will always look their best.

You can also manage multiple galleries in Chado and create gallery albums as well as embedding galleries and images in posts.
So if you're thinking of creating a great looking photo website, or you're looking to make your existing WordPress site look even better, take a look a the Chado theme for Wordpress.
Read the launch announcement here and visit the full Chado site here.
And until sometime next week (week of Oct 15-19) you can get Chado at an introductory, early adopter discount of 33%.

New workshops posted
It seems like I'm posting a new workshop every week. Probably not that frequently, but it seems like it.
I've just posted or firmed up dates on a number of workshops:
  • Slot Canyons/Monument Valley April 13-17 w/ Don Mammoser
  • Arches National Park April 17-21 w/ Don Mammoser
  • Colorado wildflowers July 9-13 w/ Don Mammoser
  • Oregon Coast: Newport July 31-August 4 w/ Victoria Dye
  • Iceland photo tour August 14-23
  • Canadian Rockies Sept. 17-22 w/ Don Mammoser
  • Oregon Coast: Bandon Oct. 23-27 w/ Kim Hoshal
  • Zion National Park Oct. 30 - Nov. 3 w/Don Mammoser

And don't forget the winter Iceland trip coming up in February, This is a great chance for winter landscapes and auroras. And don't worry about the so-called biting cold of an Icelandic winter. It doesn't really get that cold. Not Yellowstone-in-the-winter cold anyway.
Most of these trips are posted on my workshops page and in the coming days I'll be firming up other trips that are on the list.

The perfect gift or the perfectest gift?
What could possible show how much you care about someone more than to give them the gift of learning? And when I say the "gift of learning" I mean giving the gift of a fun-filled, exciting, life-changing, image improving photo workshop.
So, if you really love the photographer in your life, you couldn't do any better than to give them a gift certificate towards one of my photo workshops or tours. I'll issue gift certificates in any amount you like. Just contact me with the name of the recipient and I'll email you a gift certificate that they can then use on any of my workshops. You can buy gift certificates by sending a check or using PayPal or a credit card. Just contact me for more information.
And workshops have many side benefits. Previous participants have told me that my workshops have helped them lose weight, improve muscle tone, and made them look years younger (allegedly). To be fair, this could be due to the long days with no time to eat, a bit of walking, and learning how to touch up pictures of themselves in Photoshop.
Lightroom workflow video tutorials
You may remember me mentioning George Jardine's excellent Lightroom Library module and Develop module video tutorials.

Today I got an email announcing that he's produced a series of "Lightroom Catalog Management & Location Workflow" tutorials that covers managing your catalog as well as offering workflow suggestions for when you're using Lightroom on location, and merging your work on the road with your catalog at home.
If you're just getting started with Lightroom or you still need to get a handle on organizing and managing your catalog, check this series out. Since I just found out about this, I haven't had the time to look the tutorials, so if you get them, let me know what you think.

Happy fall color
I think that I had more to pass on, but I've been so busy racing the oncoming rain geting our decks sanded, prepped, and stained that I wasn't able to spend as much time as I'd like on this month's newsletter. Bailey even suffered with a couple of days of no walkies. She was a sad panda. Or rather, a sad labradoodle. But I always make it up to her.
So hopefully I'll have some more for you next month.

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