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August 2012 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
I don't know if I should be looking for nefarious conspiracies or if it was just a series of unfortunate events, but during my last workshop I heard about three water mains that had broken. The first was in Port Angeles as I was coming into town. There was a big traffic backup due to a broken water main. Then when we went to the Lake Crescent Lodge for lunch one day we were told that they had experienced a water main break a few days previously. It was supposed to have been fixed in just a few hours but it was still broken when we were there several days after the event. And finally, when we went to the Kalaloch Lodge for lunch after our visit to the Hoh rainforest, we heard that they too had been dealing with a broken water main.

But none of that interfered in our enjoyment of the area. It was just strange that all those water problems were happening at once. It's a good thing we have lots of water on the Olympic peninsula.

Olympic report
Kim Hoshal and I had a great time during our recent Olympic National Park workshop. You can read all about it on my blog.
Remaining workshops
There is still time to get in on the two workshops Don Mammoser and I have scheduled this fall. The Canadian Rockies trip has a few spaces left and it's a definite go. If you're even thinking about this one, let me know so I can at least give you the hotel information. That way you could reserve a room under the group name and group price before the hotel's 30-day cut off (Aug. 17).
The Colorado Fall Colors trip looks like it will be a go as well, even if it's just Don leading it. But I really want to go too! So if you're into spectacular mountain landscapes with fall color, you can't go wrong with either of these trips. Or both, for that matter. If you want to do both, send me an email and I'm guessing I can make it worth your while.
If you get my drift.
2013 schedule
My 2013 schedule is shaping up and I hope to get much of it posted before heading to Iceland on the 12th. If I do, I'll send out an announcement. As always, if any of these interest you, shoot me an email and I'll put you on the list.
Here are some things I have in mind:
  • Death Valley in early February
  • Iceland in the Winter in late February (already posted)
  • Slots and Monument Valley in mid-April
  • Arches in mid-April
  • Joshua Tree in late April (tentative)
  • Oregon's Columbia River Gorge (May or early June)
  • Washington's Palouse w/ Lightroom in mid June
  • Colorado Wildflowers in early July
  • Olympic National Park in mid July
  • Best of the Oregon Coast: Newport with Lightroom in late July or early August (tentative)
  • Grand Teton National Park in late September
  • Best of the Oregon Coast: Bandon in early to mid-October (supposed to be the best time for great sunsets, according to the locals)
  • Wineries of Oregon's Willamette Valley, mid to late October
  • Oregon's Silver Falls State Park in the fall (two or three day workshop) in mid to late-October
  • Zion National Park in late October to early November

Plus I'm looking into either another summer Iceland trip or a Greenland trip. Those may get pushed to 2014 but the idea is out there.
Speaking of out there, Don and I are talking about a Patagonia trip. I'm aiming for around April of 2014. If you want to get in early on this one, be sure to send an email.

Off to Iceland soon
I'll be leaving for Iceland on the 12th and am unsure of how often I'll have an internet connection. So if I don't answer emails right away, that's the reason. If you're looking to sign up for a workshop, go ahead and send me an email and hopefully I'll answer soon. To be on the safe side though, also send an email to whomever my co-leader is. If you're interested in Canadian Rockies or Colorado Fall color, then email Don at (though he's still out of the country until the 23rd of August)
If you're interested in White Sands or Zion, then also send an email to Kim Hoshal at
If it's the Shenandoah trip, the email Victoria Dye at
New Facebook page
I've got a new Facebook page specifically for my photography. During the Iceland trip I'm going to try (really, I am) to post a number of pictures from the trip. So go "like" my page before I get a complex.
I may also try to post using the new Twitter account I made specifically for my photography. I still have to figure out the picture posting thing via Twitter. Anyway, you can follow me on Twitter @RodBarbeePhoto .
iPad fun
My wife Tracy and I have really been enjoying our new iPads. Between the actual usefulness of the things and the hilarity of Tracy making accidental videos of herself, we've been getting a lot of good use from them. I'm not even near to using mine to its full potential; it's kind of like my brain in that respect. But I can envision the day when I can do many of my teaching presentations right from the iPad. Already I can do image editing using Nik's Snapseed application. It's pretty amazing what that can do.
On my recent Olympic National Park workshop I only needed my laptop for teaching and Lightroom. I used the iPad for everything else from email, to checking the weather, to using the Photographer's Ephemeris app, to checking tides and sunrise and sunset times. Even the occasional picture in the field. This picture was taken in the Hoh rainforest with my iPad. I messed with it on the iPad using Snapseed. Nothing earth shattering, but it sure is fun and yet one more creative outlet.
And you know what else I just learned? The iPad adds GPS tags to the pictures it takes.
I. Had. No. Idea!
Off to Iceland (part two)
With any luck, and perhaps if I can put off my tendency towards procrastination, I'll have a whole gallery of new pictures from Iceland to share with you next month. But maybe I shouldn't oversell that. I might get only a few decent pictures. And a gallery of three decent pictures amongst 127 other mediocre pictures is just sad. So hopefully we'll all get more than three decent pictures.

Wish us luck.


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