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June 2012 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Hi everybody. I hope Spring is treating you well. Around here the Rhododendrons and Trilliums are blooming and our garden flowers are starting to pop, we've got lots of birds at our feeders (I've even been lucky enough to see a Western tanager, a very beautiful bird), and Bailey and I haven't been chased by any cougars lately. Also, I've got a couple of new trips to announce.
Iceland next winter
Iceland in the winter can be magical: Floating ice, ethereal landscapes, Aurora Borealis. With the short northern winter days, this stark and beautiful land will be bathed in low angle light during the daylight hours, making all day the "golden hour."
During the day we'll be photographing the winter landscape. At night, atmospheric, magnetic, and solar conditions permitting, we'll also go Aurora hunting. Now doesn't that sound intriguing?
I'll be leading this trip next February 20-25 with Iceland resident Tim Vollmer. More details can be found on my Iceland in Winter page.
Shenandoah this fall
Hey, I've added another workshop. Victoria Dye and I had planned on running a Blue Ridge Mountains workshop in June but got no takers. So we've rescheduled it as Shenandoah National Park in the fall, October 17-21. You can see the details on my site but sign up will be through Victoria. So if you're looking for a different fall color destination, need some pointers on your landscape photography, and want to learn a bit about Lightroom, here's your chance.
Another useful Lightroom Plug in
So do any of you regularly use services like Costco or Walmart or AdoramaPix for your prints? How about Snapfish or MobileMe galleries? Instead of exporting your pictures and then going to the Costco (for example) web site to upload them, wouldn't it be easier to do it all from Lightroom?
Or how would you like to be able to create a text or Excel or html file of a set of exported pictures? I can see a real use for this when sending pictures to clients who need something like a caption list.
There are any number of plug-ins out there that can do these sort of things, it's just a matter of finding them. From Victoria Bampton's Twitter feed (@LightroomQueen) I found out about yet another source for these kinds of plug-ins: Alloy Photo.
I'm particularly intrigued about the Export List plug-in and the Dropbox plug-in, both of which can make image submissions a lot more streamlined.
Washington State photographer's guide web site
You probably already know about my book, The Photographer's Guide to Puget Sound and Northwest Washington.
One of the major frustrations I have about that book is that, because of space constraints, I couldn't include as many pictures or photo sites as I would have liked. Hindsight tells me that perhaps I should have cut out some of the more out of the way sites. But what's done is done.
But we also have the web. The wonderful webby web. Where I can put up wonderful web sites. And I can put anything I want on them. So with this freedom, I've created a website that will fill in some of the missing pieces from my book.
Returned to us now is the Mount Rainier section, axed from the book because of space limitations. And included are more pictures to help illustrate sites already in the book.
Plus, I'll to add more whenever I revisit some of these places. And I may even go get pictures to illustrate sites in the book for which I don't already have pictures. On top of all this, I've included a Favorites page as well as a resource page for anyone planning a photo trip out my way.
Building your own site using TTG Lightroom plug-ins
If you've been reading my newsletters for the past few months you know I'm a big fan of the Lightroom Web plug-ins created my Matthew Campagna of The Turning Gate. I created my entire website, plus the Washington photo guide site mentioned above, from within Lightroom using these plug-ins. They. Are. Awesome.
Anyway, Matt's created a multi-part tutorial (I think he's up to part VII) on advanced website creation using the TTG plug-ins.
So if you're using the plug-ins or thinking about creating your own totally professional and awesome looking website using these plug-ins, take a look at the tutorials. And if you're just getting started or are curious about the plug-ins, I've created a Frequently Asked Questions entry in the TTG support forum. Check it all out.
Landscape Photography Magazine
Landscape Photography Magazine is an international, web-based photography magazine created by landscape photographers for landscape photographers. In the latest issue I've contributed an article about using your depth of field preview button as a tool for composition.
In addition to the regular magazine, the website has all sorts of tutorials, reviews, and reader showcases.
Projects update
  Projects update
Since Spring is here, that also means it's time to get back to yard projects. No, I haven't finished the pond I started last year at around this time. That project got interrupted by a book project that was handed to me. I still plan on finishing the pond. Really, I do. But I have done a couple other things like building small trellises for the beans and a PVC hoop mini-greenhouse. I also painted the garage door. So I guess it's a good thing I've had to cancel workshops this year. I'm really hoping I have less time for these projects next year, if you take my meaning. Hint. Hint, hint.
Courageous escapades update
Otherwise known as the "Running with scissors" section of the newsletter.

Anyway, Bailey and I continue to walk the logging roads in search of greater and greater adventure. The only things we've seen lately are a pair of deer (no cougar attached this time), a barred owl, various and sundry birds (which Bailey gives chase to), a garter snake (which Bailey sniffs then jumps back from), and bear scat (which Bailey might roll in if I let her). And other scat too but I don't want to get too scat-obsessive. I think there's a medical term for that. Let's just say I've been documenting it. And no, I'm not posting a picture. You're welcome.

And finally, just a reminder that there are still a couple of spaces left in my Olympic National Park workshop July 17-22 as well as a few spaces left in the Canadian Rockies workshop Sept. 17-23. Oh, and one space available in the August Iceland trip. All other workshops are pretty much wide open. Visit my workshops page for details.

See you next month!


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