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April 2012 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Well, I've got a bunch of stuff to pass on this month. I've been busy updating my website, trying to put future trips together, keeping Bailey happy with her walkies, and trying to learn how to use the new features in Lightroom 4.
So let's get at it.
My new book
My latest book, Oregon Coast Memories, is available at Amazon in May. But guess what? I already have some copies.
This book, rather than being a photographer's guide, a site guide, or a travel book, is more of a travelogue of sites and experiences from a tourist's point of view.
I spent a lot of time in places I normally wouldn't go, photographing things (i.e. people) that I normally wouldn't photograph, at the time of day (mid-day) that I normally wouldn't be photographing. That's because I needed to photograph tourists in their natural habitat during their active time of day. Quite a challenge if you ask me. And you know what? I'm really happy with how it turned out.
So if you'd like an autographed copy, just click on over to my website.
Lessons on my website
I've created a new section on my website that I'm calling "Lessons." On these pages I'll post some quick tips and techniques with subjects ranging from using filters, to composition, to tips on post-processing, and whatever else my brain thinks of. There's not a whole lot to it right now and it's still under construction, but there are a few examples to explore.
Take a peek and let me know if something like this would be valuable to you. I'll be expanding and adding to this and each time I do I'll post to my blog, so if you want to be kept up to date, subscribe to the RSS feed.
White Sands this September
I've never been to White Sands. I've seen some great pictures from there but alas, I've yet to go. But my friend Kim Hoshal has been many times and has led numerous workshops there. In case you didn't know, we've got a workshop scheduled there this September 13-16. And it includes the Balloon Festival! How about that?
So if you've been wanting to go to White Sands, why not go with us?
This workshop is being run through Kim's business, Purple Sky Photography so you'll be signing up with her. All the details, including links to Kim's site, are here.
I've got one (count it, one) spot left for this August's trip to Iceland. This should be a fantastic trip and I'm really looking forward to it. So if you've been thinking about this trip, then grab up this last spot.
Iceland in the winter/auroras?
Speaking of Iceland, I'm in talks with Tim Vollmer (with whom we're going to Iceland this August) exploring the possibilities of putting together a winter trip to Iceland. This trip would be six days, five nights with the aim of photographing the winter landscape and doing our best to find auroras. The tentative date for this trip is Feb. 20-25, 2013, final price still TBD (but probably will be in the $3300 range). Looking at the proposed itinerary, it looks to be a stunning trip.
If you think you might be interested in such a trip, be sure to let me know so I can gauge the viability of moving forward with it and book it before prices increase. I'll also be happy to email the proposed itinerary to those interested. The cost will include all meals, rooms, and transportation while in Iceland, including an in-country flight and boat trip.
So let me know what you think!
New prints gallery
So I know most of you are already photographers with your own prints on your own walls (which is how it should be), but if you're interested in having any of my pictures on your wall, I've created a gallery with images for sale as prints, cards, wall peels, whatever.
This gallery is just another example of the many things one can do in Lightroom with the right plug-ins. (mine happen to be from The Turning Gate)
Pretty decent ebook on exposure
Michael Fry has written what I think is a pretty decent eBook on exposure. If you're new to photography or are just having a tough time wrapping your head around exposure, you could do a lot worse than spending $5 on his book. It's got pictures and examples and everything. And more.
Check out the review I wrote on my blog.
Workshops status
Looks like things are sort of, kind of starting to pick up in the workshops. It's been slow so far and I imagine everybody is feeling the lingering affects of the slowly recovering economy. So here's an update in case you were wondering if you should sign up or not.
I now have enough people signed up to make Olympic a go. Good news!
The first Palouse workshop has enough too. And I just got some good news regarding Steptoe Butte. There was a rumor that Steptoe Butte State Park would be inaccessible due to the replacement of communications towers. But that work is being put off until next fall so we'll be able to spend chilly mornings atop the Butte waiting for the sun to light up those rolling hills. Yay!
Mt. Rainier is starting to look good. Just need a couple more to make it a definite go.
And the Canadian Rockies trip is looking good as well, though I've still to receive enough deposits to declare it a go. But there's lots of time left. The Canadian Rockies has the most spectacular mountain landscapes I've seen in North America. It's just a stunning location.
The remaining workshops have plenty of room left.
Lightroom 4
And finally, if you've already got Lightroom 4, or you plan on it, you'll do yourself a huge favor and save yourself some frustration by getting Victoria Bampton's Lightroom 4 Missing FAQ book. Her LR3 Missing FAQ is my go-to reference for that program, and the new book for LR4 is just as necessary and valuable.

I guess that's enough for now. Remember, I occasionally add things to my blog, so be sure to check over there every once in awhile.


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