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December 2012 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
First of all I want to thank all of you who, despite this lackluster economy, have spent your hard earned money, as well as given me your trust, on one or more of my photo workshops or tours this past year. I know there are a lot of workshop companies out there to choose from as well as individual photographers offering workshops. I just want to let you know how appreciative I am of all of you, without whom I wouldn't be able to do what I do. So thank you.
Think Tank deals
I just got an email from Think Tank Photo full of special offers. So I'm passing them on:
Buy any Think Tank Photo Retrospective shoulder bag and get money back! Between now and the end of December, whenever you order any of Think Tank Photo's Retrospective shoulder bags, you will receive up to $20 back. The Retrospective bags are inconspicuous, soft-sided shoulder bags with a simple exterior that blends into the environment. They range in size from the Retrospective 5--which carries one standard size DSLR with one to three lenses or a complete Micro Four Thirds or rangefinder camera system-to the Retrospective 30, which holds two pro size DSLRs plus three to six lenses. Click on the "Support" tab on each Retrospective product page to download your rebate form. And don't forget, in addition to receiving the rebate check from Think Tank, you also get to select gear to receive for free with your order when you order using my special code!
Read more about this offer here.

Enter to win "A Gob of Free Gear"!
With the help of several photo equipment vendors, as part of its In A Bag random drawing, every day from today through December 20th Think Tank Photo will be dropping one or more free items into one of its huge Airport Security rollers. Over 40 photo equipment items and other fun stuff will overflow the roller. On December 21st, one lucky person will win everything. You can enter once a day to win.
Enter here!

Wondering what to give this holiday to your photographer friends? Or (hint-hint), wondering what to tell others to give you this holiday? Think Tank Gift Certificates are now available here.

Iceland Update - Only 3 spaces remaining
Just in the past week or so I've had three more sign ups for the Iceland photo tour. This is exciting as it means the trip is now a definite go. I can't wait to see Iceland, meet the people, sample the food, and to find out if they make any wine. I kinda doubt they do, but we'll be finding out.
There are only three spaces remaining. And remember, I've been able to arrange special "traveling spouses" pricing.Want to join us?
NIK Viveza
I just downloaded and started to play with NIK's Viveza plug-in. When I first took a look at it I couldn't figure out why I would need it. Color Efex Pro does so much already. What Viveza does is something a lot more basic, yet, I think, even more powerful. It gives you control over tone and color in specific portions of an image. If you need to open up the shadows in just one area of a photo, Vivez makes it easy. Same with brightening specific areas. Or changing red, green, blue, saturation, structure, and warmth.
Yes, I can do some of these things in Lightroom as well. But you can't add warmth selectively in Lightroom (With Veveza I can make an image look as if I used gold reflector at the time of shooting). Plus, you have to "brush in" any changes in Lightroom. With NIK's U-Point technology, making very selective changes is not only easy, but I think it's a lot quicker than doing the same thing (if you could) in Lightroom or with traditional Photoshop tools.

As with the other NIK plug ins I've bought, I think I'm going to really like this. In fact, it could turn into my "go to" plug-in for quick selective edits. The only problem, if it is a problem, with any of these plug-ins is that they create a new file. The great advantage of Lightroom is in its non-destructive editing and the ability to create virtual copies. These virtual copies don't take up any more hard drive space whereas using the NIK plug-ins do create a new file that does take up more space on your hard drive. But with today's large and inexpensive drives, creating another file is a small trade off for the great functionality of these plug ins.

2012 Workshops
I'm happy to say that I'm already getting sign ups for next year's trips. The new workshops page is up and running and there are spaces available in all workshops and tours.
I'm also offering a special discount on workshops I'm doing with my friend Don Mammoser (pictured at left at one of our past Canadian Rockies trips). See the coupon below.
Backing up Important Lightroom Files
You know all those file renaming presets and Export presets and other custom things you spent so much time creating in Lightroom? Did you know that those things don't get backed up when you backup your Lightroom catalogs? (If you've opted to store presets with the catalog, then they probably do get backed up--the problem with storing presets and stuff with the catalog is that they're only available for that catalog, not for any others you might have).
If you're moving to a new computer or recovering from a hard drive crash, you might think you have all your Lightroom stuff backed up when it's really not. So how do you back up all your presets? First you need to know where they're stored.

In Windows 7 systems they're stored in the C:/users/[your username]/Appdata]/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/ folder.
In Windows XP they're in the C:/Documents and Settings/ [your username]/Application Data/Adobe/Lightroom/ folder.
And in Mac, look for the Macintosh HD/Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/ folder.
Inside this Lightroom folder are other folders that contain your various presets, web galleries, templates, etc.
To easily find this folder, in Lightroom go to Preferences>Presets tab and click the "Show Lightroom Presets Folder" button.
You want to back up this entire Lightroom folder.
The way you back it up is up to you. I use a back up program (Genie Backup Pro) where I can create backup jobs and have them run on a schedule. I back up my Appdata/Adobe/Lightroom folder every day.

Happy Holidays
I hope everybody has a great holiday season and that we all prosper in 2012 (despite the Mayans).
Now I guess I better get on that winter to-do list. You know, the one I've been working on since 1997.

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The Return of Don Mammoser

I'm very happy that my friend and teaching partner Don Mammoser will soon be returning from his extended adventures. Don and I are co-leading five workshops in 2012: Slot Canyons/Monument Valley in April, Yosemite in May, Mt. Rainier in August, and Canadian Rockies and Colorado Fall Color, both in September. In honor of the return of Don, I'm offering an early bird discount on any of the above workshops that Don and I are doing together in 2012. Sign up by Dec. 31st and receive a $50 discount.
Either mention this coupon when you send in your deposit or print out this email and cut out and include the coupon with your deposit.


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