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August 2011 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
I'm putting this newsletter out a few days early because I'll be out of town all next week and I have a book to work on during the rest of August. While I love the cool cloudy weather we've been having here in the Pacific Northwest, it's certainly not helping me out on the Oregon coast where I need sunny days (or at least not totally cloudy days) to complete this project.
David Middleton
My good friend, mentor, workshop co-leader, and overall good guy, David Middleton, recently suffered a heart attack during a workshop. Not to worry too much, he's ok and at home resting.
This came as a huge shock to me because David's not that much older than I am and he regularly runs and really watches what he eats. Apparently though, it wasn't such a huge surprise to him though as there's a family history of heart problems.

David's written a blog post about it that you can read on his web site. All my best thoughts and wishes go out to my friend for a quick recovery.

Iceland 2012
The Iceland trip is only a year away! I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to experience and photograph this unique landscape (including Gullfoss Falls, listed as one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world), not to mention meeting the people and experiencing a different culture.
If you're curious as to what else there is to photograph in Iceland, I suggest you check out Tim Vollmer's Facebook page. Tim is a professional photographer and photo tour leader living in Iceland. He'll also be our photo guide during the trip. Both Tim and I will be available to help you get the best pictures possible.

Check out Tim's new website at

Olympic National Park report
While the rest of the country sweats and swelters, in the Pacific Northwest we experienced one of our latest, coldest, wettest springs ever and it's just kept on going through what I am told is now summer.
Frankly I'm not opposed to cool weather, I like cool weather. But really, Mother Nature?
What this all has meant is that everything that depends on nature is running really, really late. Everywhere I've gone in the northwest this year is late. The growing season in the Palouse was running late. Fish are running late. And wildflower fields as well as commercial flower fields are running late. If I had a real job I'm sure I'd be late for that.
Anyway, I just finished up this year's Olympic National Park photo tour (July 12-17). And everything is late. Sometimes this played into our photographic hands, sometimes not.
Oregon Coast workshop filling fast
Just a few weeks ago I was wondering if we'd get enough people to run the Oregon Coast-Newport workshop. And now there are only four spaces remaining.
I'm co-leading this workshop with my very first photo instructor (from 20 years ago), Bob Stahl. I'm really looking forward to working with Bob. He has a keen eye for composition, but he goes beyond just composition and into philosophy, giving his students yet another tool with which to interpret the world around them. Bob has lead tours all around the world, been published in National Geographic, and has been teaching photography for many, many years. If you're joining us for this workshop I think you'll come away more technically proficient with your camera as well as with fresh creative ideas on how to put that camera to use.
A new member of the family
This is Opie, my brother's new dog. He's a Visla (Opie, that is), has really big ears (again, Opie), seems to be very smart (both my brother and Opie), and is extremely cute (yep, Opie). Tracy, Bailey, and I went to visit last weekend so Bailey could meet her new cousin. Opie is slightly smaller than Bailey at the moment, but will surely be bigger than her in a week or so. They got along just fine.
Final thoughts
And finally, there are still spaces available in two of my remaining 2011 trips: The Oregon Coast workshop and The Wineries of Oregon's Willamette Valley photo tour.
I'll be working on putting together my 2012 schedule and will hopefully have something solid by the end of September or earlier. I'll let you know.

Hope all of you across the country that are stuck in all the heat manage to stay cool. It's about 60 degrees and cloudy here today on the Olympic peninsula. Not to rub it in, but I do love living in the Pacific Northwest.


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