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February 2011 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Hi all, After watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, all I can say is that I'm glad it wasn't me singing the Anthem. It ended up being a pretty exciting game, though I think my favorite part was the VW Darth Vader kid ad. That was hilarious.
The Wrong Swan
Some friends and I went to the Skagit Valley one morning last week to try to photograph some winter birds. You know how I can tell it's winter? Because my toes froze, that's why. And my fingers too. There were really only a couple things I wanted that morning. One was another latte. The other was a place to put the first latte, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, we photographed Snow geese and Trumpeter swans. It was fun and a good way to spend the morning.
The next day I'm going through the images in Lightroom, deleting (plenty of deleting to do) and rating and captioning. Only I was assuming that we were photographing Tundra swans (I am NOT an ornithologist). So after I managed to caption all the images, I decided to add the Latin names. But when I looked up Tundra swan I discovered that what we we're photographing were not Tundra swans. They were Trumpeters. Sneaky birds.
Now if every image of the swans was captioned exactly the same way there would be no problem, I could just correct one and sync the new caption to the rest. But they weren't. The next option would be to find all the images with the exact same caption and bulk correct those, and then go to the next group with an exact same caption, etc.

Fortunately, there's a better way and it comes in the form of a Lightroom plug-in from John Beardsworth. His "Search Replace Transfer" plug-in allowed me to fix my mistake in about two seconds. But this plug-in does a whole lot more. You can also append anything to text fields or transfer text from one field to another (like from the Location field to the City field for instance). And it also creates custom fields in the Lightroom catalog. And for you Expression Media/Iview users, John's plug-in can also transfer custom field information from EM into your Lightroom catalog so all that work you did with custom fields won't be lost when using Lightroom.
Another valuable function of this plug-in is the Parse + Audit option. After running this you can easily find images that are missing captions, keywords, or any of several other fields. It also adds a "Month" custom field. This is useful if you ever want to search your catalog for all images made in, for example, the months of Dec, Jan, and Feb. In other words, winter pictures (for the northern hemisphere anyway).
At around $32 this isn't an inexpensive plug-in, as plug-in prices go. But it sure does a lot of valuable things and if you need to do some metadata wrangling, this tool can wrangle.

Arches Digital Workflow Workshop
The Arches Digital Workflow workshop is coming up in a couple of months and we still have some space available. This one looks to be a go since enough people have either sent deposits or have told me a deposit is on the way. So if you were hesitant to sign up thinking it might be cancelled, hesitate no longer!
We'll be photographing when the light's good in the mornings and late afternoon, concentrating on learning and using good landscape photography techniques and looking for exciting compositions. Then we'll be spending the middle of the day in our classroom learning about how to use Lightroom in a digital workflow. We'll of course cover how to make adjustments to images, but that's just scratching the surface of what Lightroom can do for you. We'll also show you how to best leverage Lightroom to quickly find images, to create dynamic web pages, to print your images, and more. And we'll show you some tricks to help you keep organized and to keep your best images right at your fingertips. All the details can be found on our Arches page.
Oregon Coast - Newport
And if red rock and the southwest isn't your thing, how about the Oregon Coast? September 14-18 Bob Stahl and I will be leading a workshop out of Newport, OR.
Lighthouses, a wonderful harbor, nets, ropes, buoys, crab pots, ocean sunsets, rocky beaches, tidal pools, and one of the best aquariums in the country are just some of the things we'll be photographing. (And there are a couple of really well-stocked wine shops in town too!)
I'll be co-leading this trip with Bob Stahl, one of the best teachers of composition that I know. Bob was my first photo instructor nearly 20 years ago and I'm looking forward to finally leading a workshop with him. This will be a great opportunity to hone your creative eye in one of Oregon's most scenic areas.
Bailey versus the deer skeleton
Bailey and I were on our usual walk on the logging roads and trails the other day when we decided to take a slightly different route and do some cross-country exploring. We found a mostly dry stream bed and followed that for a little while, finally coming out in some familiar territory in sight of our regular trail. And what do we come across? A deer skeleton, that's what. Well, a deer skeleton minus the legs. And close by, scattered in a roughly circular area about eight feet across, was a bunch of shredded pieces of deer hair and hide and some other things I don't what to gross you out with. So I'm guessing that this was the leftovers of a cougar kill. Probably a few weeks old.
What's a little unnerving about it is that this skeleton is actually in view from the trail if you know where to look.
And now I know why Bailey was acting a little weird a few weeks ago whenever we entered this part of the trail.
Gallery Wraps from Costco
Did you know that you can now get your images printed on canvas as a gallery wrap from Costco? I just found out about this a couple of weeks ago. And right now Costco has a $10 off coupon for the gallery wraps. So I'm going to give it a try and I'll let you know what I think of the final product.
One thing for sure is that the prices are a lot lower than anywhere else you might go for a gallery wrap. So hopefully all the colors will come out right.
Feed Me!
And just because I know many of you like to see pictures of Bailey, here she is. She's sitting on Tracy's lap with her head on the table, thinking that it's time for her breakfast.
More on workshops
Ok, one last plug for workshops. The Palouse Digital Workflow trip is nearly filled. We have only two spaces left. And there is still plenty of room in our Blue Ridge Mountains/Shenandoah trip.
And I have only two spaces remaining in my Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls trip.

I'm also getting ready to finalize an Olympic National Park trip and a Mt. Rainier trip. Olympic will be in mid-July, probably the 13th-17th, and Rainier will be the first week of August. Both of these will be the low-cost Semi-Private trips limited to seven participants. If either of these trips tempts, entices, enthralls, or otherwise interests you, send me an email, it'll help me with planning things.

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