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August 2006 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Volume 16
Hi everybody. I do hope that where ever you are in the country that you're able to keep cool. Here in the Pacific Northwest we recently had some record high tempuratures but now, I'm happy to say, things are a little more normal.

For those of you on the east coast, you have my sympathies.

New Articles
I've got a couple articles coming out this month. One is in the September issue of Outdoor Photographer, which should be available in mid-August. The other article appears now on Nature Photographers Network Online Magazine.

The OP article is about filters, specifically ND, Grad ND, and polarizers. The NPN article is about finding your photograph first without the camera in hand. This is something I do all the time and I think it's led to much better photographs.

New Workshops
Don Mammoser and I are doing three workshops together next year: The Slot Canyons/Monument Valley in April, Oregon Waterfalls in May, and Canadian Rockies in Sept.

I've posted the details on my website. We've yet to make all the accomodation arrangements but that information will also be posted soon.

Triple "D" this fall and Winter
Just a reminder that there are a couple spots available for the Sept 13-16 workshop I'm leading at Triple "D". The Jan. 19-22 session I'm leading has sold out, but Jay at Triple "D" is taking names and if there's enough interest, we'll be adding additional winter wildlife shoots.

Winter is a great time to photograph mammals: coats are full, the landscape is different, and sunrise is later so you can sleep in! So if you've got an urge to get some unique wildlife shots, give Jay or Kathleen at Triple "D" a call at 406-755-9653

Bubble Levels
Many photographers use a bubble level to make sure their pictures are straight. And levels are essential if you intend to take images to stitch together as a panorama. Unfortunately, these things come at a ridiculously high price (upwards of $30)

Jim at NPN has aquired a limited quantity of the Double Bubble Spirit Level and is selling them for only $16.95 This is a great price that won't last long so I wanted to pass this on.

Bailey update
And for those of you wondering how Bailey the Labradoodle is doing, she's doing just fine. She just turned 10 months old a couple of weeks ago and is probably as big as she's going to get.

She's pretty fast too, and I'm still learning the AF system on my new D200. I've gotten some real cute actions shots of her running and jumping but most of them are slightly out of focus (some of them are a lot out of focus!), but I'll keep trying. So that's it for this month. Stay cool and enjoy the summer.


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