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April 2006 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Volume 16
Just a few quick things this month. I've just been too busy waiting for my D200 to arrive to think of anything else :-)
Applying calibration settings to different monitors for Windows xp
Many of us use two monitors. The main reason for this is to use one for Photoshop and the other for Photoshop’s Tool Palettes. Many monitor calibration tools will calibrate both monitors but there’s a problem in applying calibrations to the correct monitors. But now there is a Microsoft utility, Microsoft Color Control Panel, which allows you to assign specific profiles to specific devices. Follow the link below to download and install the applet
The Bailey report
As our little Bailey gets bigger, she gets more and more curious. Lately she’s discovered toads, toilet paper, and turf. The toads she just pushes around with her nose and she’ll occasionally carry one around in her mouth. The toilet paper she grabs and starts running with, letting it trail behind her throughout the house. Ever had the inside of your house tp’d? She’s also getting fond of pulling up clumps of grass or moss from the lawn and bringing it inside to spread about.

I'm about to go away on another workshop so my wife will have her hands full for awhile keeping up with our cuddly little bundle of teeth and tail.

Death Valley report
The weather was a little strange in the Death Valley area last month. We even got snowed on one morning as we were heading into the valley from our base in Beatty, NV. Since a sunrise wasn’t going to happen anyway, we opted for more sleep and breakfast. A wise choice if I do say so myself.

We did end up with some nice situations though. If you’re ever in Death Valley and you’re into photographing old things, be sure to check out the museum at Furnace Creek. It’s an outdoor museum with old stage coaches, logging equipment, a diesel engine, a locomotive, and lots of other interesting stuff. Scotty’s Castle was also nice. For both of these places we took advantage of the overcast weather, perfect for that type of photography. On our last morning we were blessed with clear skies and a good sunrise. The sand dunes looked great and the light lasted for quite awhile. Death Valley is HUGE and it takes a long time to drive anywhere. So if you ever go, give yourself lots of time.

Still room for the Canadian Rockies workshop
Just a reminder that there are only two spaces left in the Canadian Rockies workshop with me and Don Mammoser this Sept. 17-22. If you've never been there, you'll be blown away
Other workshops
A couple other workshops that are filling are the Triple "D" wildlife model shoot in September and Vermont in October (with David Middleton). Visit my workshops page for more info.

Ok, so this isn't a picture from either Triple "D" or Vermont. It's from Death Valley. Just one of the millions of possibilities to be found there.

Still waiting
Like I said, I'm waiting for my D200 to arrive. I have everything else I need: the vertical grip, the L- Bracket, extra batteries. Everything I need to start making images with this great new camera. Everything but the camera itself.

So that's all the time I have for this newsletter. After all, I have lots of waiting to do.


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