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February 2006 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Volume 14
Hello all, A couple of weeks ago I returned from a nice trip to Yellowstone , which was preceded by a shoot at Triple "D" Game Farm in Montana. While the weather didn't cooperated at Triple "D" as much as we'd like (not enough snow in Kalispell), it was still a pretty good shoot.

Well, as I sit here I'm both elated and dejected. Elated that the Seattle Seahawks finally made it to the Super Bowl and dejected because they didn't win. I'll let the national sports media comment on the fairness or lack of fairness exhibited by the officials. Suffice it to say that I agree with the assessment by's Michael Smith, who wrote: "Here's what referee Bill Leavy's crew did, point blank: It robbed Seattle." Ok. Enough of my spilled milk.

Triple "D" Game Farm
Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, the Triple “D” Game Farm in Kalispell, MT is alive and well and has a full schedule for 2006. In fact, owner Jay Deist tells me that he actually has very few open dates left. So if you want to go, I’d suggest either calling Jay to book some time, or sign up with one of the several workshop groups that are already booked. I’ll be leading a workshop for Jay this Sept. 13-16.

This spring, Triple “D” travels to Mariposa, CA for what is one of its most popular shoots, the “Day at the Ranch”. In addition to photographing animals such as cougars (and the new kittens), wolves, bobcats, and the like, you’ll also have the opportunity to photograph at a working horse ranch. Though I’ve never had the chance to attend this shoot, I have seen some amazing photos from it. According to Jay, he still has a few openings for sessions 3 & 4. For more info, call Jay or Kathleen at 406-755-9653 or visit the Triple “D” website.

Canadian Rockies Workshop
I know it’s still seven months away, but Don Mammoser and I have already sold one-third of the spaces available for this workshop. So if you’re thinking about coming along with us, don’t wait until the last minute to decide. Once again, we plan on visiting Lake O’Hara, a pristine wilderness lake with limited access. This was one of our favorite stops last year and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.
Rapid Fixer
You may recall me raving about The DAM Book by Peter Krogh. Well he also creates some pretty useful Photoshop add-ons. (DAM useful, in fact). One of these is called Rapid Fixer and it allows the user to adjust Adobe Camera Raw setting right from Bridge. This comes in real handy if you want to make quick adjustments to raw images without the need to open Adobe Camera Raw. You can even adjust multiple images at once.

Rapid Fixer is not a replacement for Camera Raw, it accesses Camera Raw. It doesn't have all the fine controls of Camera Raw either. It is, however, a quick way to make lots of “proofing” adjustments to your RAW files.

Death Valley Workshop
My friend Maida Candler and I are leading a workshop to Death Valley next month. It's still not too late to sign up and we do have room left. We'll be joined by Shellye Poster, a good friend and a Death Valley afficionado (she's been there more than any other photographer I personally know)

If you're interested, shoot me an email or give me a call (see contact info below)

Some housekeeping
There has been some confusion over my involvement in a particular book project. To make things clear, I am not involved in any book projects at this time other than my own. For anyone submitting work to a book project based upon the list of those involved (book editors, advisors, etc.), my advice is to contact those people directly and ask them if they are actually involved.
Coping with your tripod
Ever think your tripod is out to get you? That it's doing everything it can to make your life miserable? Maybe it's time to get your (tripod) head examined.

This month's issue of Nature Photographers Online Magazine features my tongue-in-cheek look at the relationships we have with our three legged friends.

In conclusion
Ok, that's it for now. In case anyone is wondering about Bailey the puppy, she's doing just fine. She just had her little operation to prevent me from becoming a grandfather and she's recovering nicely. We had to try to keep her relatively calm all last week so she could heal up, so you can imagine all that pent up energy being released this week.

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