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January 2006 Rod Barbee Photography Newsletter
Volume 13
Happy winter everyone.
Winter Special at Triple D Game Farm
Next week, Jan. 11-14 to be exact, I'll be leading a small workshop at the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana. This workshop is limited to ten and Jay Deist, the owner of Triple D, tells me that he has a couple spots left. The cost is $1050 per person.

North American mammals in full winter coats make for some of the best wildlife photography you'll ever find. If you're interested in joining us, call Jay at 406-755- 9653. Be sure to tell him I sent you.

Vermont in October
Just wanted to let you know that David Middleton and I have settled on a date for our Fall Color Field Workshop/Photo Tour: Oct. 11-15, 2006, based out of Manchester, VT. This year, we'll also be joined by our friend, Maida Candler.

More details are coming and as soon as I get them posted I'll let you know (technical difficulties at the moment, you understand). But I wanted to get this out in case there are those of you who want to make hotel reservations. I'll be working on a hotel list that will get posted as well. In the mean time, click on the link below for a starter list.

The DAM Book (again)
Last month I mentioned The DAM Book by Peter Krogh, a book on Digital Asset Management. As a result of what I've learned so far, I've already changed the way I do some things. I've yet to finish the book but I've certainly read enough to highly recommend it.

One great thing about this book is the web support that goes along with it. Peter has an entire website and forum devoted to Digital Asset Management where you can explore parts of the book, ask questions, follow informative links, and download useful software.

Winter Photo tip
I'm sure most of you have heard this before, but for those who haven't, here's an important exposure tip for photographing in the snow. First of all, your camera's meter wants to make everything look like it's a medium gray. Whether your subject is black or white, the camera is assuming that it's an average gray (your camera doesn't know any better) and if you let it do what it wants (like when you use Program mode), you're likely to get back dull gray pictures from your recent snowshoe trip.

The trick is to intentionally over expose. In essence, you're telling the camera that your photographing something white, not something gray, and to keep its suggestions to itself. (you sometimes just have to put your camera in its place!). For snowy scenes, over expose by about a stop and a half.

Have a great start to the new year
Ok, that's enough for now. For those of you interested, Bailey the labradoodle is doing just fine and growing about as fast as the weeds she likes to eat. The weather's been too lousy to get out and get some action shots of her. But never fear, you'll be seeing some, whether you want to or not!

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